Welcome… Beyond The Road!

March,  2014, Tommaso and Francesca decide to leave, involving all their friends and families to share their journey.

Beyond the Road was born, since then everything changed.

Beyond the Road want beyond itself… Beyond the journey to Mongolia, the experiences, the tales they lived.


Beyond the Road because the journey is not just miles, asphalt, tracks, fords, dust, sand, signposts written in languages never studied, kafkian customs.  It’s a journey for the body, the mind, the spirit. A journey to discover ourselves and the others, a journey of challenges, silence, songs, fullness and light heartedness.

Beyond the Road because when you leave you go beyond the map, the itinerary that you can read on google maps or on a GPS or that you imagine reading other travellers’ stories. It means going where you don’t know what to expect. Beyond the map we don’t know what we will find. And Beyond the Road that you see from your motorbike everything must be discovered, must be created, crossroads after crossroads, border after border.

Often, the road is the one that someone else decided for you. Family, society, our ambition and our stereotypes, fears and prejudices. Our name means to go beyond what according to others we should do or be, to find OUR way.  Even harder, maybe, to go beyond what we had planned for our life, leaving old ways, not ours anymore, to start again, lose everything, get lost, to be defined a little crazy, and finally let life dance, in her extraordinary beauty, a choreography that lights up eyes with wonder.